With 2021 coming to a close, we’re looking back on what the year’s meant for us. We wrote back in July that we thought behaviour change thinking was ‘having a moment’: looking back on the wide array of projects and topics we’ve worked on in 2021, and everything coming up for 2022, we’re happy to report that’s still very much the case!

Thanks to all our clients and partners — see you in 2022!

A blue and white graphic with twelve boxes. The boxes read: 1) Projects this year: 18. 2) We’ve spoken to people in 26 countries. 3) We’ve had 657 video calls. 4) We’ve got 27 interventions delivered or in delivery. 5) Zero mince pies! 6) Tea consumption doubled when Polly joined! 7) We’ve worked on a projects from heat pumps to arts engagement 8) We love Hideaway coffee 9) We turned 12 10) We love Jerusalem Falafel 11) We’ve taken 209 covid tests 12) We’ve taken 260 bike journeys to the office

Three months into the role, our new Project Manager, Polly, muses on all things change…

The title of this blog sums up 2021 well for me. I’ve had a lot of big changes in my life this year, and taking on the role of Project Manager at Behaviour Change is…

The image shows a tall fence covered by a banner in a wooded area. The banner has a green leafy background, a sign reading ‘Please bin your wrappers’ and a gnome’s head pokes out from the foliage. Rob is standing at the end of the banner holding cable ties and grinning at the camera.

A day at Behaviour Change is never the same as another. Take this Monday, when we found ourselves in a park in Croydon, filling it with gnomes called Gnevin and Gneil. Or the week before, when we sat puzzling over the silliest things North Londoners have put in their recycling…

Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We create social and environmental change with big ideas grounded in behavioural science

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