A free, cohort-based course for integrating behaviour change for good: meet AxBC

When we first started talking to Ramanan Raghavendran, founder of Amasia, we weren’t totally sure where it would, or could, go. On the face of it, it’s not a natural match: we’re a London-based not-for-profit, and Amasia are a boutique venture capital firm, based in California and Singapore. As our conversations continued, though, it became clear that there was fertile ground here, combining the often siloed findings of behavioural science with the know-how and networks of experienced VCs to take positive ventures forward. Where our work collides is that we’re interested in for-good projects, where behaviour change has a role to play in wider social and environmental change; and Amasia invest exclusively in ventures for a safer and more sustainable planet. The result is AxBC.

We’ve always been clear that behaviour change has a major role to play in meeting the challenges of the future, but mainstreaming this approach is still in its infancy. So AxBC will be a short, sharp learning experience for founders of tech start ups. It won’t give them a silver bullet blueprint for changing human behaviour, but it will open their eyes to the world of behavioural science and help them incorporate an awareness of human behaviour and best practices into their services and strategies.

The course will run for the first time this November, delivered virtually and for free. We should also say that we’re broad minded about the kinds of ventures that could come under our criteria of seeking positive change: any business that aims to tackle the climate crisis, or facilitates sustainable lifestyles in a broad sense, even as a by-product of their core mission, will be considered. We know most of our newsletter recipients might not fit this profile — but if you know anyone who does, or is putting the final touches to their start up plans, please pass this on.

For more information and to apply, head to the AxBC site — and take a look at Amasia’s ‘why?’