Behaviour Change: a day in the life

A day at Behaviour Change is never the same as another. Take this Monday, when we found ourselves in a park in Croydon, filling it with gnomes called Gnevin and Gneil. Or the week before, when we sat puzzling over the silliest things North Londoners have put in their recycling bin this year. Or that time we had breakfast with Gregg Wallace, or the time we stickered and packed up 4,000 bottles of shower gel in a day, surrounded by Quality Streets and Mariah Carey singalongs…

You get the picture — we work on a weird and wonderful array of projects at Behaviour Change, all of which aim to increase the uptake of sustainable and pro social behaviours in the real world. Some of these projects are about delivering research and strategy, like our work for Northumbrian Water Group to reduce the number of wet wipes going down their drains (they’ve seen blockages halve since then). Some are on-the-ground interventions we’re scaling up following successful pilots, like our work with Mars Wrigley prompting people to bin chewing gum, which reduces littering by two thirds. Other projects don’t easily fit into a category, like our work with West Midlands PCC and Revealing Reality to explore how to reduce school exclusions; or our ongoing international training programme for NGOs, the Academy of Change. Much of our work is about the intersection between individual and system change for the planet: sustainable diets, active travel, energy efficiency and the drive to net zero, to name but a few.

We’re currently recruiting for an experienced Project Manager to join our team, so that’s why we’re writing this now. We wanted to give applicants an idea of the kind of work we do and what life is like with us. We’re a small team, although we regularly work with a network of brilliant associates to deliver research, evaluation, creative ideas, graphic design, signage and much more. Our work is extremely varied and can involve managing anything from desk research to the kinds of hands-on tasks above. That being the case, it goes without saying that we’re looking for someone highly organised and willing to get stuck in!

We may not be returning to the office full time just yet, but having some face to face time is important to us, as so much of our work is collaborative and ideas-driven. We work out of a warehouse unit in Soho, complete with a record player and neighbours who wave at us from their balconies. We’re easy going (we like to think), enjoy a laugh, and provide a relatively flexible working culture. We keep up with the news in the wider world of sustainability, and possibly spend too much of our time tweeting stories about recycling or sharing photos on Whatsapp from poking around in our neighbours’ bins… So all in all, our ideal Project Manager would be someone who shares our ethos and enthusiasm for the range of things we work on.

If you’re interested in working with us, you can apply on Linkedin here. If you’re not interested, but know someone who might be — please share!

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Behaviour Change is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We create social and environmental change with big ideas grounded in behavioural science

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Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We create social and environmental change with big ideas grounded in behavioural science

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